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Android App Maintenance

• Maintain to be Perfect
• Security Features
• Bug Fixing Maintenance
•  Maintain to Prevent
• Keep Up With the Competition

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    In order to gain a substantially competitive edge in today’s times, every business needs to be efficient, scalable and ready for market demands. Techimo offers Android app maintenance and support services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards.

    Our Application Maintenance Features enables customers

    –  Incorporating latest trends

    – Improving user interface and experience

    – Reviewing applications online 

    – Testing apps

    – Fixing bugs

    – Enhancing usability

    – Timely monitoring applications

    – API Monitoring

    – Provides Financial Benefits in the Long Run

    – Migrating applications to different platforms

    – Security maintenance and support

    Application Maintenance Methodology & Key Phases

    Maintain to be Perfect

    The world is changing too fast, so are the technologies. Perfection is a relative statement. Something perfect yesterday is no more perfect. In this type of maintenance developer keep on improving the functionality of the App all around.

    Security Features

    Applications with security advancement enhance app’s productivity. We at Techimo provide exceptional security features for mobile app to make its use hassle free.

    Bug Fixing Maintenance

    With rapidly changing technology, API’s etc., it is very important to test an Android App on a regular basis and keep on resolving the issues. This is important to save the money you invest on an App Development.

    Maintain to Prevent

    With time, the outlook of Audience as well as that of Industry changes for sure. Preventive maintenance is important to keep track of the changing trend, modify the App accordingly and ensure the effectiveness of the App.

    Keep Up With the Competition

    There are millions of apps competing to get installed on smartphones everywhere. And people don’t have the time to use (or even store) all of them.

    To stand out from the crowd and beat the competition, you need to constantly update your app. The moment you stop maintaining and improving it, users will start looking for better options. Your competitors will take advantage of this and you’ll end up falling behind.

    Maintaining your app in the long-term ensures you stay ahead of the competition.


    – Provide steady state support

    – Updates

    – Versioning

    – End user support

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