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MSME Bespoke Website Application and Software Development

Android Development

• Android App Strategy
• Android App Design
• Android App Development
• Android App Testing
• Android SME Apps
• Game Development

Connect With Experts

    Techimo’s Android app development services rely on a clear process that has proved efficient over the years. Techimo provides Android app development services for clients who want to reach  approx. 2.5 billion monthly active users on the Android platform.

    Our integrations power your android app development process

    – Beacon Integration

    – GPS Integration

    – Porting & Migration

    – MDM Integration

    – Payment Gateways

    – XMPP Chat Server

    – Wearable Integration

    – Third Party Integration

    – Audio/ Video Live Streaming

    – Custom API Integration

    Our Android App Development Process

    Research and Analysis

    In addition to being a mobile app design company, Techimo is a full-fledged software development vendor, our staff has deep and extensive industrial knowledge. With it, we can cater to each project individually while understanding general business needs and user expectations. Requirements and specifications created by our Business Analysts are the basis of mobile app designs we create.

    Layouts and Wireframe

    Next after finalizing an elaborate project analysis and roadmap, Techimo’s design team works their magic to squeeze even the most complex functionality into compact mobile screens. Our priority is to always make apps easy to follow, so our UI/UX specialists sketch layouts and wireframes while planning how an application will react to the user’s every touch and swipe.

    UI/UX Design

    Our UI/UX specialists make sure that its design is consistent with your brand image and inherits existing company color scheme, fonts and graphic style. However, we also appreciate if you want to reinvent your image or create a visually stand-alone mobile app. We are eager to present our own ideas.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Although we are confident in and proud of the knowledge and talents of our BAs and designers, our customers’ opinion means a lot to us. We welcome your feedback and do our best to grasp your vision of an ideal mobile app design by providing you with concept mock-ups until you are completely satisfied with them.


    Frontend Development, Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development, Code Review, Unit Testing

    Code audit

    Code audit is a service that Techimo provides to clients with an existing codebase that they want to enhance. Our team reviews and analyzes code quality and makes a list of prioritized improvements that can influence code performance, speed, and stability.

    Quality Assurance

    Functional, Integration, Usability, Performance Testing on actual devices

    Rescue mission

    Rescue mission is a service for projects with code that no longer meets business requirements. This code might be slow, have lots of bugs, or have issues with the architecture and scalability. To solve these problems, Techimo audit the code, create a revival plan, and stick to it to provide you with the best results.

    Play store Submission

    App Submission, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, MDM

    Post Launch

    Monitor Crashes, Actionable Analytics, User Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization.

    Industry-Specific Android App Development Services


    Claim management, alerts, AI, cloud solutions, SOS video, and other.

    Travel & Hospitality

    Smart room systems, hotel apps, AR & VR, Big Data solutions.


    Mobile banks, wallet apps, real-time fraud detection, AI chatbots.


    Notifications, scheduling, patient tracking, Big Data solutions, and more.

    Retail & eCommerce

    Gamification, AR, navigation, Big Data, ecommerce platforms.

    Sports & Teams

    Sports apps, chatbots, IoT, beacons, geofencing, and other features

    IoT Apps

    Industry-specific mobile solutions that work in ecosystems with smart devices

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