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Application Support & Maintenance

• Corrective Maintenance
• Perfective Maintenance
• Adaptive Maintenance
• Preventive Maintenance
• Emergency Maintenance

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    Techimo’s SLA driven application support and maintenance services ensure a high performance platform for operating and managing your business applications. Our comprehensive set of frameworks, proven methodologies and domain expertise help enable our customers to achieve:

    Our Application Maintenance Features enables customers

    – Lower risks and increase predictability

    – Receive timely release & enhancement of projects

    – Improve stability and efficiency of critical applications

    – Refocus clients energies on strategic initiatives

    – Improve quality of service

    – Keep their applications in line with the latest technologies

    – Migrate to new and emerging technologies

    – Reduce total cost of ownership

    Application Maintenance Methodology & Key Phases

    Pre- Transition

    – Feasibility Study

    – As in assessment

    – Configure the right maintenance module for offshore

    – Understand and document scope of work

    – Understand and document key parameters for knowledge transfer

    – Construct at team according to the platform in consideration


    – Deploy offshore team and provide training

    – Areas understanding where support is required for maintenance

    – Initiating dry-runs and quality testing for benchmarking

    – Enhance and stabilise support process

    – Schedule and allocate work load

    Cloud Data and Analytics

    – Provide offshore maintenance and help desktop support

    – Review and control

    – Benchmark Performance

    – Enhance coordination and changes to support process


    – Provide steady state support

    – Updates

    – Versioning

    – End user support

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