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iOS App Maintenance

• New Mobile OS version
• UI/UX improvement required as per new trends
• Security updates
• New features introduced by manufactures
• Bugs Tracking, Debugging and Fixing

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    We offer you perfectly-synchronized iOS App Maintenance & Upgrade services at cost-effective prices so as to help your iOS app lead the App Store without any decrease in its popularity due to any upgrade in the iOS app development trends or iOS app standards.

    iOS App Maintenance & Upgrades Features

    Hardware: As new mobile devices are released, obsolete apps may not work as they were intended.

    Operating system: Every year sees updates in iOS versions, and apps need to be updated so that they are compatible with newer versions.

    Programming language: Apps will also have to be updated based on changes to the programming language (Objective C to Swift, Java to HTML5).

    Styles and designs: Mobile UI used to follow skeuomorphic design principles before Apple adopted material design. This meant that all apps had to update their interfaces as well.

    Libraries: Most apps use third party libraries and dependencies which change frequently. The apps will be broken unless they are updated.

    Usage Patterns: As your app matures, your user base will also mature, and the UI might need refreshing to reflect the changes.

    Infrastructure: If the infrastructure on which your app is hosted changes (self-hosted to AWS) you will have to update the app.

    Security bugs: Apps may be affected by security holes any time, and you will have to update the app in order to fix the vulnerabilities.

    iOS App Maintenance Key Elements

    App Monitoring

    Techimo believes that adaptability is the key to surviving in the ever changing iOS app market. Thus, we regularly monitor and debug apps to fix the bugs or problems.

    App Optimization

    We optimize iOS applications to boost the overall performance of the iPhone applications. Our developers use advanced tools for application optimization.

    Increase Performance & Security

    We examine entire iOS applications to enhance the performance and security. Constant maintenance keeps the app and its data secure.

    App Upgrades

    Outdated applications increase the chances of dislike. Whether it is a UX/UI or functionality or new features, Techimo provides iOS app upgradation services to enhance the look and feel of iOS applications.


    – Provide steady state support

    – Updates

    – Versioning

    – End user support

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