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    Techimo’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS) solution covers everything mobile, from strategy development, ordering devices, configuration, deployment, support and expense management, to managing services and securing retired devices when employees leave.

    Mobility managed services (MMS) encompass the IT and process management services required by a company to acquire, provision and support smartphones, tablets and ruggedized field force devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity

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    Techimo Managed Mobility Services construct and manage SME mobility and device-choice initiatives for improved security and productivity. It provides a single enterprise solution that enables control, governance, and ongoing visibility.

    How can Techimo Managed Mobility Services help your business?

    Techimo Managed Mobility Services helps your business to construct and manage enterprise mobility and device-choice initiatives for increased security and productivity. They help your employees to access their apps and data anywhere, anytime, and on any device, whether the devices are corporate-owned or employee-owned.

    What are some other benefits that Techimo Managed Mobility Services can help your business attain?

    The Device Procurement and Deployment Services and Internet of Things (IoT) Device Lifecycle Management are two of the offerings in Techimo Managed Mobility Services. Device Procurement and Deployment Services streamlines the processes for procurement and fulfillment, staging, shipping, and refreshing of devices. IoT Device Lifecycle Management simplifies device management and provides a managed solution for IoT deployments from strategy and proof of concept through deployment and daily management

    Device Procurement and Deployment Services

    Simplify the procurement, fulfillment, staging, shipping, and refreshing of devices, while allowing users to choose their next device

    IoT Device Lifecycle Management

    Cut through common IoT device management barriers. Techimo IoT Device Lifecycle Management Services provide large companies a managed solution for IoT deployments—from strategy through proof of concept to deployment and ongoing management.

    Windows 10 Migration Services

    Techimo’s Windows 10 migration services include environment assessments, deployment planning, application remediation, and infrastructure planning. Clients get improved security, usability, mobility and performance, and save on costs to support aging operating systems.

    Techimo Managed Mobility Services Key Features

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

    EMM is the solution that successfully integrates IT’s need for security & automation with the business goals and objectives of mobile enablement. Leverage Techimo’s certified expertise to build and effectively manage solutions around core processes such as technology selection, application deployment, training and documentation, security, updates, and user support. Assure employees have on-the-go access to the right corporate content when they need it, the apps to present it, and the systems to keep it current and secure. Enable mobile policy enforcement to minimize the risk involved with employee owned devices connecting to enterprise networks. Techimo is certified on most major MDM/EMM platforms including Airwatch, MobileIron and IBM MobileFirst.



    Automate and streamline purchasing, provisioning and device activation with integration direct into your existing purchasing system, or by allowing self-service access. Help enforce your mobile policy by deploying a user specific catalog with a selection of appropriate devices and accessories, while providing proper access to the right services & applications. For the BYOD user, Techimo will streamline authorizations and service provisioning through MDM integrations. Every user is provided a consistent experience, while assuring secure access and effective content management.



    Simplify the deployment of your mobile assets, including carrier service and device activation. Forward and reverse logistics support includes staging and kitting, depot repair, advanced replacement and recycling and device cascading. Enable full support for your internal customers through an end-user portal and integration into your EMM/MDM of choice. Configure devices over the air to meet your specifications for device set-up, end-user out-of-box experience and delivery. Improve the time and effort needed to deploy or upgrade users in the field.


    Global Approach with Local Expertise

    With offices, team members and data-centers in multiple regions, you’ll feel confident knowing your data is protected and compliant with in-region rules and regulations.


    Policy Management

    Policy Management quickly assess your mobility needs, environment, risks and requirements, and define a road map to realize your organization’s mobility potential with Techimo’s thorough Mobile Policy Consulting service. Once you’ve established your policy, Techimo can enable and enforce it, with a full suite of services to ensure compliance and security, provide visibility into usage and control over costs, and create a positive user experience while maximizing productivity.


    Expense Management

    Properly manage the complexity of wireless expenses, by providing exceptional clarity into communications services and assets, with the goal of reducing costs and streamlining operations. Leverage new found visibility to help manage data and voice pools, pinpoint accrued mobility costs and target excessive spending by cost center and/or individual levels. Techimo also manages device financing plans, program audits, payments and disputes, as well as allocation of mobility expenses through chargebacks.


    Reporting and Business Intelligence

    Explore and analyze your data with InSight Analytics, a best in class data discovery and visualization solution designed to help you turn insight into action, enabling stronger evidence-based decision making.


    Superior Support & Execution

    Seasoned subject matter experts, a dedicated in-house client success team and a thorough onboarding process allow Techimo customers the opportunity to capitalize on their evolving mobility business, accelerate corporate growth and achieve the success they require.


    Help Desk & Support

    Techimo supports your employees with dedicated, expert resources, as well as self-serve solutions for all mobile hardware, software and carrier-related issues. In addition, you’ll have newfound support for the common day-to-day challenges, such as EMM/MDM enrollment, email issues, app performance, lost phones, device/service plan upgrades, and more.

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