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Leading Indian online cab riding brand
Size: 500+

Case Study:

Manufacturers & Exporters Automotive


Client is in the industry since the last 29 years, specialized and stands as one of the biggest and ONLY Indian manufacturers and exporters of professional automotive quality repair tools and accessories for garage equipment like Wheel Alignment Accessories, Wheel Balancing and Tyre Changing Accessories, Tyre Service, Repair and Valve Tools, Tyre Repair Kits and Tyre Mount and Demount Tool Kits.


  1. Improve overall site aesthetic and user experience in order to create a more engaging experience
  2. Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to contact for a quote
  3. Develop a more SEO friendly and socially-focussed blog in order to drive user engagement and organic searches.
  4. Introduce limited and custom eCommerce website options for specific products.
  5. Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Laravel CMS and WooCommerce for cart functionality

The Challenges:

– User Verification
Adequate online verification of the user’s identity guarantees the protection of buyers’ data.

– Strong Security Measures
Ensuring the overall security of the online store is also indispensable; a hack can expose confidential customer data.

– User Support
This implies the creation of a channel of integral support to users. Nowadays, we have software tools that allow companies to adequately serve consumers at any time and through all possible channels.

– Competitor Analysis
Competitor analysis is also a key element for a good ecommerce development. We must not forget that many businesses offer products and services very similar to ours. Therefore, it is essential to create a strategy that differs from theirs to ensure our survival.

– A simple purchase process
This point is essential to prevent clients from abandoning the basket at the last minute.

– Customer Loyalty
It is important to build customer loyalty by offering them an image of security and credibility. To achieve this, it is necessary to have adequate resources to ensure proper care at all times. It is also a factor to take into account the creation of specific loyalty programs.

Our Research and Planning:

Considering custom requirement we decided to build this ecommerce application in Laravel CMS/ framework. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework.

We reviewed similar businesses, sites dealing with similar services, products or even your supplier’s web sites.

We planned Features and Functionality;
  1. Special forms to gather leads, quote requests, general contact, questionnaires, etc
  2. Ecommerce shopping cart or order forms
  3. Content management package so you can update your site in-house
  4. Audio, video, blogs or other Social Media integration
  5. Dynamic navigation menus
  6. Special graphics, slideshows, tabbed navigation or content sliders
  7. Email marketing integration


The goal was to deliver complete project within 10 week’s time with end to end quality testing. We delivered it within 9 week’s with testing so that client could do pilot run for a week’s time.

The Solution:

We designed and developed a brand new website with all the suggested and requested features by client. Woo-commerce was configured to manage orders and fulfil orders. We integrated DHL courier to delivery products and PayU money for accepting online payment.

The Results:

As a result, client is now relieved of unnecessary operational hassles pertaining to his website, and has time to concentrate better on his business revenue maximizations. The client is extremely delighted with the e-commerce solution provided by Techimo, as:

  1. The Client website is now ranking well in the search engines
  2. Web sales are all time high
  3. In less than 12 months since launch, overall sales figures have gone up by anticipated numbers
  4. Detailed e-commerce management training was provided as part of the build, as a result, the client has not required any assistance since launch
  5. The customer has now extended our solution to his subsidiary offerings
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