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Leading Indian online cab riding brand
Size: 1000+

Case Study:

Online Cab Booking Solution


We were approached by a Indian client who had a unique and challenging business proposition in the form of online radio cab booking management. They wanted us to revamp, develop and migrate an complete application which would work across Website, Android and iOS platforms and sync with their CRM.

Customer Requirement:

Our customer approached us with an innovative idea to revamp their application. They were looking for an outsourcing their complete project to company who could not just revamp application from the ground up, but also ensures it will work across different mobile and web platforms including iOS and Android. Their requirements included were-

Server Migration – Earlier project was hosted within in-house premises, in account of saving further unwanted expenditure client suggested us to migrate their application on Cloud hosting. We suggested Azure, GCP, and AWS. At present, application is with AWS.

UI/UX Redesign – Client was eager to replace existing UI/UX. them to achieve its a goal. We did research in said business niche and offered them multiple options keeping in mind increasing more traction.

Greater Transparency & Experience– Manually hired rides gives a huge amount of unwanted and unnecessary surprises to passengers. For instance, their fare pricing is not customer-friendly. Our customer wanted to ensure that the application would bring in better transparency, affordability, great experience while hiring a cab.

Faster and Efficient – On various occasions, it gets too difficult to find a cab just when a person needs it the most. Inconsistency in availability of manually hired cabs is a major problem people face at the time of urgency. On the other hand, drivers also find it hard to find customers when they are idle. Client wanted the application to alleviate the issues of both customers and drivers by providing an interactive and easy-to-use medium for booking cabs.

The Challenges:

Redeveloping the application and incorporating all the client-requested features was a tough challenge especially when you don’t receive its blueprints or wireframes. Our engineers had to ensure the application had an easy-to-use interface which could be used by both customers and cab drivers alike, while providing features useful for both. The application also had to feature map integration for best route options, automatic fare calculation, and payment gateway integration. Finally, the GPS integration within the application had to be robust enough for the customers as well as the cab drivers find each other whenever required.

Our Research and Planning:

Our expert’s of team had to sit for week to review its every single code and validate its third parties association with an existing application.

The app had to offer a user-friendly interface, and had to be beneficial for both passengers and drivers alike

We had to ensure each and every  entry will be recorded to CRM. We observed and planned to customize CRM in the same manner.

Build custom algorithms for effective bid management and price calculation based on location of the passenger, time, destination, number of passengers, minimum charges etc.

Develop a scalable and robust architecture for the application which could help them scale and cater more cities and riders in the future.


Migrate and Develop a online cab booking application with two variants, one for the cab drivers and other for the passengers. The passengers could search for a nearby driver based on their current or custom location, compare prices with all available ride options (including all types of vehicle available ) and choose the best option at any given moment. On the other hand, the drivers’ application could let the drivers see ride demands, set their own prices, offer counter bids, accept ride requests, and complete the requested rides.

Project Outcome:

The project was immensely successful as we were able to incorporate tons of features which worked flawlessly, within a short span of time. Not only did the application prove useful for customer and drivers alike, but also complete bill transparency, thereby ensuring unfair cab charges were a thing of the past. Cab drivers also took a liking to the app, since they were wasting less time sitting idle and more time connecting to, and driving passengers. All in all, the app proved to be a win-win situation for all parties involved, while adding transparency to the whole process.

The Results:

Client was able to relaunch and market the product in a timely manner as Techimo ensured that the deliverables were delivered within the said timelines. The adoption of DevOps approach has accelerated the release cycle by 10x and has resulted in 25% cost savings in the feature update process.

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