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SaaS Development

• Envisioning
• Platform evaluation
• Planning
• Subscription model
• Developing 
• Operations

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    Software as a Service (SaaS) is a delivery model on a subscription basis and centralized hosting. Users also prefer this approach as they can choose among the subscription plans and offered functionality. They have the ability to access the software via the web browser from different devices.

    SaaS Architecture We Develop

    We assist you in understanding the benefits of single-tenancy and multi-tenancy architectures and help you decide which of the two works best for your product

    Single Tenancy Architectures

    – Enhanced Security

    – Robust Reliability

    – Easy Data Backup/Restore

    – Easy Migration to On-Premises

    – Flexibility of customization

    Multi Tenancy Architectures

    – Low Costs

    – Automated Setup

    – Performance Optimization

    – Easy Scalability

    – Large Computing Capacity

    Our end-to-end SaaS Application Development Process

    Technical product management

    To accelerate your idea into reality, we begin with an in-depth consulting stage. Analysing the needs of your target audience, Techimo’s BAs help you shape an innovative product vision, translate it into features, and roadmap features to releases, focusing on their priority and ROI. We further split the functionality into subscription plans and out-of-the-box/custom capabilities, and design customization, integration, and API strategies for the feature-rich and flawless performance of your SaaS product.

    Conversion-driven UI/UX

    Knowing that user interface and user experience play a critical role in attracting and retaining users of any SaaS, we give special attention to designing UI/UX. Based on thorough market research, Techimo’s UI/UX department creates user personas and scenarios that help to deliver SaaS with excellent usability. We also follow the material design trend to wrap robust functionality up in an eye-catching interface.

    Architecture design and programming

    When designing SaaS architectures, Techimo prioritizes high and easy scalability. We know how critical service availability is for cloud-based solutions and make sure the developed SaaS solution withstands peak loads and seamlessly adapts to the growth and expansion of your business. Our large pool of developers lets us adapt to your project’s needs too: we can easily ramp up the team at any time in order to meet a hard deadline.

    Testing and QA

    TWith the comprehensive quality assurance (QA) approach that comprises regular code reviews, unit tests, and testing at all stages of SDLC, we deliver stable, bug-free, and secure SaaS. We also apply secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) strategies, which help SaaS solutions meet the most rigorous quality and safety requirements, including HIPAA/HITECH, NIST 800-171, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


    When helping your SaaS evolve, Techimo applies rigor to combining the frequency of releases with high code quality and stability. To ensure fast and bug-free delivery as well as seamless deployment and environment integration, we follow the Agile technology as well as CI/CD and DevOps principles.


    – Provide steady state support

    – Updates

    – Versioning

    – End user support

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