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An agile development startup company based in London

Case Study:

UK Based Agile Development Client


Along with Website Design and Development client wanted to us design his company logo and create and manage his social media handles.


The client wanted us to make replica of his competitors and add new features to his upcoming website.

The Challenges:

The reference site was built using custom solutions and it was Enterprise.
Considering the budget and technicality client suggested us to chose WordPress CMS so that post delivery he will able to manage his website easily and without additional manpower.

Our Research and Planning:

We did deep research for couple of days and came up with readymade theme which can be customized.
The client was very much clear from day one about its homepage look and view and so we are.


Our goal was deliver exact same website provided us in reference and that to by using open source framework i.e. WordPress. The reference website was built Vue.js.

The Solution:

UI/UX designers and Full stack developer came together for few days and surprised client within week’s time.
We used readymade theme and did some custom tweaking. We received prompt support from theme developers.

The Results:

Finally, we delivered website in 8 week’s time. We did Analytics and Social media integrations to monitor its traffic.
The website application is hosted on AWS and emails are with G-suite. The website speed is furious.

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